Trade Blogs and Publications for Online Publishers?
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A colleague wants to deepen his understanding of online publishing (and I do, too!) -- how do the big print magazine/newspaper publishers manage their online publications, and what are the smaller, newer, younger online-only publications doing, too. Topics of interest run the gamut, from editorial policy to metrics.

Colleague notes these specific areas of interest, but is open to whatever:
  • traffic and reader retention strategy
  • editorial policy
  • social media strategy
  • advertising sales strategy
  • UI and design
Colleague is already following:

Neiman Journalism Lab
The Media Briefing
Media Wire Daily
Content Marketing Institute
Gigaom Media (formerly
Mashable Media

That's already a healthy list. In addition to those I've suggested colleague follow:

Media Bistro (and its assorted blogs, like 10,000 Words)
The Next Web

Where do you go for news and analysis and discussion of trends and best practices in the world of online publishing?
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You've already covered most of the specialized sites I see in my morning "daily clip report" email at $large_journalism_company. The other ones that spring to mind are the Columbia Journalism Review and Capital New York, plus of course the actual media reporting at traditional journalist sites like the NYT, WSJ and the Guardian.
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Oh, also re/code, though it's focused more on the tech side of things.
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For the use of tech in news:
Knight-Mozilla Open News
National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting

Good online investigative reporting:
Center for Investigative Reporting

I've also got a bunch of links related to online publishing of academic/scientific content, rather than news and magazines, but that's a different kettle of fish. Let me know if you or your friend wants those too.
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