Where to watch the World Cup Final in Baltimore? Difficulty: Teens
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I have tickets with my cousin and his kids (14/16 years old) to go to the Orioles game at 8:05pm on Sunday. But we also want to watch the World Cup Final somewhere first. Where would we be able to watch the game, with the teenagers in tow, so that we can get from there to Camden Yards easily/quickly?

It's probably their only game of the year, so we want to get to Camden Yards with time to spare for Boog's and the ballpark ambiance with the National Anthem and everything. We'll be driving in from D.C., but I'm not familiar with Baltimore at all. Any advice (including on parking!) would be welcome.
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Best answer: There's Dempsey's Brew Pub and Restaurant at Camden Yards. Their number is 410.843.7901, you can call them and ask them if they'll be showing the World Cup.

I found this listing for Best Restaurants near Oriole Park. Some of these places are about a mile or so away.
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Best answer: Emily who answered the phone at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, said it would not be on the big screen or on the monitors inside the playing concession area but might be on in Dempsey's or one of the upper lounges. I would call Dempsey's at per RB's suggestion.
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Another idea is to bring/borrow a tablet or laptop and stream it through ESPN.com. If you have cable service at home, you can watch it online. I didn't ask, but maybe you can bring the tablet to your seat. Get there early, watch batting practice, scarf down a few dogs and adult beverages (teens get soda?) and watch the WC at your seat.
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Best answer: The general area, Camden Yards to the Inner Harbor, is a touristy safe area with lots of big chain restaurants and whatnot. So you might have luck just looking up the kids/tvs policies of some of the places there. For example, there's the All Star Sports Bar, a couple blocks away, which says explicitly that kids are welcome. (I haven't been there, just found it searching.)

Just a transportation heads up: leaving the Orioles game, it can be a long wait to get out of the parking lots there (near the Ravens' M&T Bank stadium) and get on the road. I think this may still be your best bet, just in terms of it being mindless and easy to get back to your car. But if you want to get adventurous, there are a number of (pay) public parking lots in that general area. You'll do some walking, but that's ok. (If you are happier taking public transit than sitting in traffic, you could maybe try taking the light rail up from the south? I haven't done this so can't comment on how easy it is.)
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I should add - at the park, the light rail lets you off right there, easy. I just don't know how easy it is on the other end with highway access, parking, frequency of trains, etc.
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Best answer: Sliders is another nearby sports bar that says kids are welcome.
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The WC game starts at 3 and assuming it doesn't go to extra time will be done by 5. You'll still be way early if you go to the park after the WC game. If I were 14/16 I would not want to sit around for 3 hours before a game. Just my two cents.
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Depending on the kids, you should be able to kill a couple hours happily by walking around the Inner Harbor, browsing in stores (Barnes and Noble there is open until 9), looking at boats, see the perimeter of Fort McHenry, etc. The AVAM (weird art museum) and aquarium are only open until 6 on Sundays, and are an expensive ticket, so probably skip those on this trip, but if the weather's okay there's a good deal of stuff to see just walking around.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Either Dempsey's/Sliders/All Star Sports should do it, I think. I'll call to make sure they're showing the game. The actual WC final game starts at 4 (broadcast begins at 3), so with time getting out of the bar, walking around, standing in line, etc. it might be just the right timing to get to our seats with plenty of time left.

Much appreciated!
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