ISO Canadian vehicle reliability study
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A year or so ago, we found a pdf online somewhere that we'd like to find again. Here are the bits of info we can remember:

* It's a Canadian study that looked at the number of vehicles still being registered annually by year, make and model.
* It assigned a percentage to each year/make/model, e.g. 80% of 1995 Toyota Corollas are still being registered today.

It was the cornerstone of our last used car search, and we stupidly didn't download/save it. Any magical heroes out there have any help for us?
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Here's an article from 2010 which has aggregate data like what you're looking for and their source is listed as RL Polk. Specifically I think it's the Total Vehicles in Operation (VIO) Data product. No idea how much it costs or whether it's available to the public, but you might find other articles which list it as a source that have what you're looking for.
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I found it! For the record, it's called "Twenty-Five Years of Vehicle Longevity." Here's a link to the pdf. Thanks, notpeter...marking you as best answer because you were. :)

For the record, this doesn't include model, just make.

This pdf was definitely *not* in my Evernote. Ahem.
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