Bubblegum nectar of the Incan Gods
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Where can I buy Inca Kola (a type of Peruvian soda) in Providence, RI and/or is there a Peruvian population in Rhode Island and where do they live?

I hate the stuff, but I'd like to surprise someone with it (inexplicably, he enjoys it). I know you can get it here, I've seen empty cans. I live in Federal Hill in Providence and have ducked into many a market, but haven't found it yet.

Anyone know where I could buy it, or know if there's a particular area of the city or state where there is a significant Peruvian population where stores would be likely to stock it?
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Googling suggests you can get it in the International aisles of most Stop and Shop locations -- have you tried that yet?
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Target? But it's only in stock 30 miles away, in Framingham, MA.
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If you can't find it in the local store, there's always Amazon: cans, bottle
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Response by poster: I'm pretty sure I would have seen it if it was at stop and shop, but I'll check more thoroughly.
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Google suggest Mi Deleite on Broadway has it.
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Google Maps says there are two Peruvian restaurants in Providence: Machupicchu and Los Andes. They might be able to point to towards the right grocery stores.
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I can get some at the PriceRite here in Storrs, CT and bring it to you in Providence this weekend, if you like, since I'll be going there anyway. But that tells me that you can probably find it around there. There's a Price Rite in Prov on 325 Valley Street. That's pretty far on the West side but totally reasonable.
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Response by poster: Mi deleite is out of business unfortunately. Made of star stuff, that price rite is actually the store where I buy most of my groceries, and they have an entire aisle of Goya Soda and other soda from Latin America but no Incakola. I'll check with those two other restaurants.
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It's possible they might just be out of stock, I've noticed this happens at my local Mexican grocery which carries Inca Cola: sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't. You should ask a manager at some of the stores you have already checked, they might even special order it for you.
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Response by poster: I found it! At a Dominican market, for whatever reason. (On Cranston Street, if there are any other inca kola searchers in Providence.)
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