Where to find this shirt (or something similar)
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A few years ago Target sold long sleeved Converse branded Henley shirts like this that I loved. I have lost a couple of these over the years and I am looking to replace them, but it looks like they've been discontinued. So, mefites, where can I find these shirts, or something similar to replace them? The Target shirts were pretty cheap, but I'm open to spending more for clothing that will last. Thanks.
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Do you need them right now? Target clothes are highly seasonal. They currently have short-sleeve men's henleys (I just bought one), so I'd look back in the fall to see if they have a new long-sleeved one.
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Duluth Trading regularly offers them in a variety of colors, waffled or not.
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I agree with purpleclover. Target brings out similar stuff on a schedule, albeit sometimes with slight variations. And, because retail is crazy, "Fall" items should be appearing pretty soon.
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H&M has some Henley style shirts.

Old Navy has this one. (Probably also seasonal as they've got short sleeve and ¾ length sleeved ones in spades.)
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Everything in the world turns up on eBay. Set up a search on it and have it sent to your email address any time there is a hit on your search terms. I would expect your search to yield results fast, as it's just been a couple of years since they were sold, and from a large store, too. Search terms of Converse, henley, the size you wear, mens clothing.

I have waited for *years* once to get a wind jacket that I wanted, that I knew fit me perfectly, I knew the brand and size, I owned it in midnight blue but wanted it in black. I am 6'5" tall and 202, real hard to find clothing that fits. I just had to play the long game; this jacket was at least fifteen years out of production. It finally showed up on eBay last fall, I was the only bidder.
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Target has some pretty similar shirts under the Merona brand. They just finished clearancing them off here in the Midwest, and I figure they'll be back in regular stock in 2 months or so.

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The design of this shirt looks so L.L. Bean/Land's End/Duluth trading that I'd be shocked if they didn't carry something similar.

Nthing the seasonality factor. Even stores with less of a seasonal arc than Target are probably not highlighting their long-sleeved/thermal shirts right now.
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Ah, I have the Converse brand lace edged tanks...some of my absolute faves. I don't like the Merona brand of shirts which are full of stretch and pill after 2 washes, but the Converse brand is good.

Bean shirts are high quality, but tend to be of a heavier weight than I like. All the Converse stuff I've seen is much lighter than similar styles from Bean. Give it two months then try Target and Kohls. One or the other will have that shirt in the weight you like.
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What size do you need? I stocked up on them when they went on clearance and might have a spare.
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