Export Pinboard to Instapaper?
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I am not that great with tags and Instapaper has full text searching now. So, how can I move my Pinboard bookmarks to Instapaper, where I have a subscription? I don't think I can do directly, but perhaps there's an indirect way?
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I see that Instapaper used to support this and doesn't anymore, and they don't say why.

Could you make this work? Like, activate that recipe, then log into Pinboard and bulk tag everything "instapaper"?

(I'm not 100% sure about this because I don't use Instapaper, but I do use Pinboard and IFTTT. Seems like there must be some way to make IFTTT do this for you.)
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Try this.
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thank you - It seems like I won't have any trouble going forward, with either method. Getting the older items out still has me a bit stumped.

Delicious says they don't do flat file imports, but that may change, I suppose.

Instapaper triggers seem to be based on new tagged items.

I hadn't realized I could full text search in Pinboard if I upgrade to an archival account. It is $25, less the sign up fee I've already paid. So that's another option to work around my lack of tag skills.
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