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Mexico City Hotel? Trinidadian Fashion?

First, a follow on to this AskMe...I never heard from anyone about a hotel - hoping someone can chime in: I have to stay in Mexico City one night when I first arrive. Any lodging recommendation that is cheap, safe, and close to the airport (MEX)?

Second - My friend is travelling to Trinidad and is wondering if a US-style ballcap with a shimmery Dios De La Muertos sugar skull embroidery would somehow be culturally insensitive. Thoughts?
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Trinidad isn't really hispanic or catholic in any form or fashion so I'd say no.
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Haven't stayed there myself, but these have ok ratings:

- Hotel Aeropuerto (reviews)

- Mini Suites Aeropuerto

- Ramada Aeropuerto México. A bit more expensive than the other two, has a free shuttle from the airport (you'd have to take a cab to the other two hotels).

Also: don't believe it when an hotel says it's close to the airport and only 15 minutes to Downtown/Centro Histórico. This is only true after 11 pm or before 7 am.
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