Latin for "Speed and secrecy"?
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Asking for a friend: how would one write "Speed and secrecy" in Latin? It's for a group motto, and we wish to basically communicate "keep this fast/quick/speedy" and "keep things secret/safe." As briefly as possible.
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Mobilitas et silentium
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I'd say celeritas et secretum.
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According to Google Translate: celeriter et secreto
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To retain the alliteration: Clam et cito. They're both adverbs, so it's literally "secretly and speedily".
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Celeritas is good, though you could use rapiditas. For secrecy, secretum or celatum. I like non-Englishy words, so I'd go "Celeritas et Celatum" (plus you get alliteration!).

Another route would be the adverbs: "Swiftly and silently" -> "Celeriter et Tacito" or "Swiftly and secretly" -> "Celeriter et [Clanculum or Celate]". I just happen to like the way those sound (when you pronounce all the Cs as hard Cs).
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There are several options here

If you don't like the sound of the options you find, consider using a prepositional phrase to get the idea across and change the ending ("With Speed & Secrecy" or "For Speed & Secrecy").
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I like Occultus, just because it sounds ominous -- it means "hidden", not 'secrecy', though.
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