Recommend some non-violent TV
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Season 4 of Game of Thrones was brutal, full of death and gore. Now we're watching Penny Dreadful, True Blood, Fargo and catching up on Hannibal, Dexter and Vikings. All of this is enjoyable, but the violence and gore has become a bit rote and unnerving. Recommend some lighter tv stuff, please. Examples of what we've liked and disliked below the cut.

Lighter TV fare we're previously enjoyed: Lilo and Stich, Big Band Theory,Archer, Arrested Development, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Mindy Project (Don't ask), New Girl, Girls, Brooklyn 99, Parks & Recreation, Community, Happy Endings. Lighter Fare we haven't enjoyed: Venture Bros, Veep, Enlightened, Eastbound and Down, Entourage. Hung was ok. Louis CK is ok.

Please, NO BRITISH COMEDIES, 'cause ugh, British comedy. Same thing with Dancing with the Stars, American Idol or anything like that.

Special Note: LOVE the HBO comedy Getting On, for its dry humor and no laugh track. Reno 911 was a similar love.
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Two that I'd be surprised if you haven't seen them, but have you watched Chuck and Better off Ted? Yes? Okay.

I know you said no British comedies, but I'm going to cheat and say you should be watching Rev on Hulu. Everyone should be watching Rev. Seriously, just try it once. I'm sorry I broke the rules.
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You will love Party Down but there were only two seasons.
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Ugly Betty! It morphs into 2 or 3 different shows over the course of the run and they're all awesome.
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Best answer: They're short (between 5-15 min each) but High Maintenence is freaking awesome.
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Have you seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
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It isn't a comedy, though it is british: The Hour was fantastic.
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Best answer: Lilo and Stich

This seems to be not like the others, but since you went there #1: Adventure Time!
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Best answer: Flight of the Conchords!
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Another non-comedy recommendation: The Booth at the End.
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Broad City, Review, Pushing Daisies, Rick and Morty
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For funny haha, we've loved Scrubs and Bob's Burgers.
For slightly less funny and more darker fare, we loved Battlestar Galactica, LOST, Sherlock.

Have you ever thought about investigating some K-Dramas? Hulu is FULL of great ones such as Pasta and Coffee Prince to name our two favorites.
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Also, Lexx is greatest show in the history of the two universes.
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Don't Trust the B* in Apt 23.
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Lilo & Stitch + Archer + 90's Flash Animation = Home Movies
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How about nonviolent drama? Showtime's Masters of Sex, about Masters and Johnson's study of sex is terrific.
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The best new comedies of 2014 have been Comedy Central's "Review" , HBO's Silicon Valley (created by Mike Judge) and USA Network's "Playing House".
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Best answer: We are enjoying the heck out of The Good Wife.

I was repulsed based just on the title, knowing nothing about it, but it's really good. Reasonably smart, doesn't take itself too seriously, GREAT characters. And no gore.
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Psych. Crazy hyper silly fun.
Suits. Sexy guys & girls being all smug & cool and winning legal cases. The dialogue makes this show as does Louis, the one not so sexy guy.
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I'm currently binge-watching Six Feet Under. The show is about death and people who live at a funeral home but it doesn't usually get gory or violent. Each episode starts with someone dying, but it's usually weird rather than gross or bloody. Dead bodies are shown at the funeral home, including nudity, but in a matter-of-fact rather than exploitative or gory way. May not be to your taste but it has some great writing and acting.
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Pushing Daisies. There's death involved, but it isn't gory or brutal. The show is almost painfully charming.
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Seconding 'The Good Wife', Six Feet Under, and a long-ago amazing series was 'Northern Exposure'.
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Dead Like Me
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And if you like Pushing Daisies, you might also like Bryan Fuller's older series. Wonderfalls is delightful and weird. I'm binging on Dead Like Me on Amazon Prime right now. Mandy Patinkin is a joy to watch and the humor is offbeat and more than a little perverse.

Kind of fun to compare Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, and Six Feet Under, as they all touch on very similar ground.
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I find a lot of British dramas to be low on violence and high on interesting characters and good writing. So, The Hour, and Call the Midwife, and so forth.

Also, Northern Exposure is lovely and relaxing, although it doesn't have much narrative drive. There's no violence, and the characters and writing are great.
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Best answer: Comedy Bang Bang! Streaming on Netflix.
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I agree that Dead Like Me would be a terrific choice. Also, if you haven't watched Veronica Mars and/or Friday Night Lights, get on it!
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Seconding Good Wife. When I'm feeling stupid in a Reno 911 way: Trailer Park Boys.
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2nd Party Down and Home Movies.
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Freaks and Geeks?
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Raising Hope.
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Have you ever watched Twin Peaks?

Streaming on Netflix :)
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Call the Midwife is the perfect antidote to Game of Thrones, if you're not squeamish about intense birthing scenes. It manages to be sweet and uplifting without being sappy.

Longmire is also great, if you're OK with non-graphic murder investigations.
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Since Game of Thrones ended, our weekly TV watching group has started on the US version of House of Cards on Netflix. No gore, but similar intrigue and ironic humor. We just watched the first two episodes of the first season and we're already hooked.
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Regular show
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The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife (not AT ALL like it sounds) are pure comedy gold. Basically, I haven't watched sitcoms since "Scrubs," but I am eager for the fall season of these two. So eager.
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The Middleman has some cartoonish violence, usually involving silly, gloppy aliens, but it's kind of adorable. It's a little sci-fi comedy based on a comic book. The worst thing about it is that there are so few episodes.

And zizzle, I hate to burst your bubble, but Trophy Wife was canceled after the first season.
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Drama without a lot of gore: Mad Men, Scandal
Not exactly light comedy though.
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Seconding Rick and Morty. We just finished our second watching and it was so much fun the second time.

American Dad is hilarious once it figures itself out around the third season. By then, Roger's in full swing character mode and he's just so funny. Plus Sir Patrick Stewart is a regular and they use him really well. And one episode morphs into a film by Werner Herzog. I did not like this show the first time I saw it and now it's one of my favorites. Highly recommended.
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Slings & Arrows is a classic 18 episode TV comedy from Canada (six episodes over 3 years).
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Seconding Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23.
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Allie McBeal and The Rockford Files are both streaming on Netflix.
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Eureka is quirky fun
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Maron on IFC and Louie on FX...both back seasons are on netflix. denis leary's rescue me on netflix,
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I'd like to recommend Treme. It does have violent acts (of which, as far as I recall, only one happens on-screen) but they're few and far between and when they happen, they matter - i.e. they disrupt people's lives and have a lasting impact. For the most part, though, it's decent people doing the best they can under incredibly difficult circumstances (post-Katrina New Orleans).
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Also: Boston Legal. The first two or three seasons are genius.
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• Andy Richter Controls The Universe
• Jon Benjamin Has A Van
• Kroll Show
• Childrens Hospital (No apostrophe!)
• The Larry Sanders Show
• Cougar Town (at least the earlier seasons) especially if you like Scrubs
• I haven't been able to get into The League but I haven't given up on it yet. In theory you should like it!
• Whose Line Is It Anyway?
• One more vote for Party Down
• The best jokes are a little insider-y, but I think Joey is underrated.
• Oh, and if you liked Friends the first time around give it another a go. It holds up really well.

(I'm also a huge fan of Reno 911. I can't believe it's not streaming anywhere.)

Huh. Good work, Friends cast.
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Since you like animation (Lilo and Stitch), have you seen "Avatar, the Last Airbender" series? Really good!
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We have similar tastes when it comes to sit coms. Have you seen Police Squad!?
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Nthing Better Off Ted. So great and totally rewatchable.
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Lately I'very been re-watching My Name is Earl. Nice little feel-good shows.

Nthing Better Off Ted.
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