What was this cartoon with a cross-language pun?
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As a kid, I saw part of a cartoon aimed at bilingual (Korean + English) children. The plot involved a bunch of children on some sort of fantastic quest or journey. The scene I remember most clearly is one where they're being riddled/quizzed by something (I remember it as a floating light, but it might've been some kind of creature or robot or something). It asks for the name of the backmost teeth, and the youngest of the children answers "몰라" ("I don't know"; pronounced molah, which the riddler interprets as "molar")

This would've been some time in the 90s, and in Hawaii, but I don't know if it was on local access, tape, etc., so those may not be telling indicators.
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Hmm. Did it involve a green dinosaur called 둘리 (Dooly)? Looks like there was an animation called 둘리의 배낭여행 Dooly's Backpacking Trip in 1995 where that molar/몰라 joke was played.

Screencaps / opening scene / excerpt.
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It's hard to say for sure, but the art style and plot looks right, so probably!
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