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Can you point me in the directions of some songs that really show off the vocal pyrotechnics of Bollywood playback singers?

The words can be dumb, the dramatic import non-existent, whatever, songs that will give me shivers from sheer vocal goodness like, say, Jaiye aap kahan jayenge or even Sajna se milne jaina?

I know who the great singers are, it's the repertoire I'm asking about. There are thousands and thousands of songs -- which are considered the bel canto of Bollywood? I'm also open to classical Indian music or other-language Indian movie music (both of which I know nothing but nothing about) if you think it could dazzle and astound me.
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Best answer: Somebody who curates Bollywood music genres better might be able to answer this, but here are some that I like. While the list is highly subjective, I tried to choose songs that were similar to your examples.
Tum bin jaaon kahan
Baiyan naa dharo
Raat ke hum safar
Mera saaya saath hoga
In aankhon ki masti
Aao naa
Rasik Balma
Dole re dola re
Tere mere milan ki
koi humdum na raha
Mere mehboob
Raina beet jaaye (most songs from Amar Prem)
Woh jab yaad aaye
Kaise kahe hum
O majhi re
Rim jhim gire saawan
Tere bina zindagi
Tere mere sapne
Yeh raat bheegi bheegi
Zindagi ka safar
Madhuban me radhika
Jhanak Jhanak
Pucho na kaise
Mai ri
Piya nahi aaye
Jab deep jale aana
Kahan se aaye badra

Since you asked about other-language Indian movie music, here are some recommendations from Tamil movie music (I like Bollywood music but IMHO Tamil film music is more beautiful)
Idhu oru pon malai
Valaiyosai kala kala
Mannil indha kaadhalindri
Ilaya nila pozhigirathey
Nila kaigirathe, male version Nila
Senthazham poovil
Uyire Uyire
Thumbi vaa This is in Malayalam, but the melody has been used in Tamil and Hindi music too.
Chinna thai aval
Keladi Kanmani
Vellai pura ondru
Naalai intha
Unnai ondru
Amaithiyana nathiyile
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Response by poster: Ssri, these are fantastic, thank you!
I'm still sucking all the juice out of the Hindi music; I haven't even gotten to the Tamil music yet.
How could I forget In Aankhon ki masti ke?
And I found a female version of Mere Mehboob (I love the female singers) which is exactly what I was after, as is Rasik Balma, Baiyan Na Dharo Balma, Woh Jab Yaad Aaye and most of these songs really.
But Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa To Nahin needs a special mention as it is my new favorite song -- so sweet and so sad.
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