Veg-friendly NYC restaurants
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[NYC Filter] I want to take my girlfriend out to a nice dinner. No special occasion being celebrated. I'm thinking New American style. For vibe, think Northern Spy, which she and I loved. She's a vegetarian (I'm not) so I want the place to be veg-friendly. Most places only have a token veggie appetizer and veggie entree. I'd love to find a place that offers her more choices. Bonus points if they take reservations. Any thoughts guys?
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Dirt Candy
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If Brooklyn is okay, Buttermilk Channel is great New American with a separate vegetarian menu. I had some of the best roast vegetables of my life there.

You should try to see if you can get a reservation at Dirt Candy, too, if you don't mind eating at a vegetarian place.
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If she eats cheese, Artisinal (fondue!).
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Dovetail, Five Points, and Blue Hill are all good choices.

Del Posto is outside the New American theme, but has a vegan tasting menu now, so I'd assume they'd have even better vegetarian options. A lot of the high end restaurants in the city now do vegetarian/vegan tasting menus, so if there's a place you want to try, call and see what they can make for her!

Dirt Candy is great too.
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Blue Hill is awesome, but a bit on the pricy side, maybe more of a special occasion place depending on your budget. Zen Palate is fully vegetarian, but I was always happy to eat there, even when I wasn't a vegetarian.
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From most to least expensive: Candle 79, Blossom, or Candle Cafe.

If you're OK with winging it no-reservations style, please check out The Pickle Shack! Surprisingly fancy food for a brewpub, super-tasty, relatively affordable, very omnivore-friendly.
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Not New American, but Family Recipe is great too. Very, very vegetarian friendly and delicious!
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Gobo is wonderful and amazing.

Edit - on retrospect, didn't see that you were looking for a 'New American' restaurant specifically. For that, check out Westville.
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I was just at Navy in the old Jean Claude spot on Sullivan street. It's billing itself as a seafood restaurant but honestly when I was there the vegetable sides were the star of the show - very inspired and creative. We liked them better than our mains.

Serious Eats has a good list that's only a few months old - The Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in NYC - it's organized by price point.
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Family Recipe is closed/closing.
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Zen Palate

Caution: the Union Square location has closed, even though it's still listed on the website. (And the remaining locations aren't "new American.")

V Note.
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This isn't New American, but L'Artusi (Italian) in Greenwich Village has a good vegetarian menu on Mondays, and it's a charming little place.
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Seconding the Pickle Shack!
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Seconding Buttermilk Channel. Also Flatbush Farm or Franny's.
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