Looking for cloud based job tracking
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I'm looking for a way to keep track of anywhere from 50 to 150 current projects for my manufacturing business. There seems to be a lot of project management suites out there in the cloud (Asana, Zoho, etc.) but they seem more involved than what I'm looking for. What I have envisioned in my head is more like an Access or Filemaker database -- a nice one-page synopsis of jobs with searchable fields like job name, job number, customer, current status (design, tooling, production, shipping, etc), salesperson, date of order, estimated delivery date, etc. Does this exist? Thanks!
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There are specific manufacturing suites, you can host or have them as SaaS, your choice.

Check out what Aptean has, there are multiple types of products, depending on what you manufacture. Made2Manage ERP may be right for you.
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we just switched over to At Task - it tracks projects, tasks within the project, lets you mark off when tasks are completed - setting up pre-requisite completions for tasks, etc.

It's a hosted service, and the search functionality is pretty decent (from what I've seen so far). this may be more than what you are looking for though.
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