Gift for a UX Designer?
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Our UX designer is leaving for a new job, and we want to get her a going-away gift. Any ideas for something design-related that is somewhat geeky but cool and trendy?
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Subscription to Net magazine?
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This page looks like a good start!
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These mobile device and web browser stencils are a coveted geeky thing in my UX department.
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An old-school, and lovely gift would be a printed book from smart historian of info design, Edward Tufte. They're all interesting: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information Is outstanding.

If you want something more interactive, he gives one-day courses (which include all hits print hardcovers)
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UX designers I've known seem to all have at least one Pantone item, like a mug.
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Does she drink tea? This PANTONE Teapot in PANTONE 7461 C is awesome. Or one of the gorgeous mugs, or travel mugs.
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