What was this foreign-language horror film called?
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Zombies outside hospital; man and woman inside; man is infected and slowly turning; woman must decide when to kill him. Those are the vague details because I never saw this movie but I remember reading reviews and wanting to see it. I think the title was one word & I think it was a spanish-language film.

Some elements I vaguely remember: set in a hospital or asylum; two main characters, a man and a woman; the horror element was that there were zombies or something like zombies outside the hospital; the man was infected with the zombie-virus and was slowly turning into a zombie while the woman watched; they had had a close relationship and a lot of the pathos of the movie was her deciding at what point in his transformation he would no longer be himself and she'd be forced to kill him to save herself; she might have been a nurse or something.
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Best answer: Pretty sure that's Mutants. It's pretty good. Some decent jump scares.
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Seconding Mutants.
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I've seen Mutants and it fits your description.
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Best answer: Yes, Mutants. They're a couple. He's an ambulance driver, she's the nurse. He gets bitten at the beginning and they flee to some remote facility in the deep snowy mountains where she tries to save him.

It's French, not Spanish, and a damn fine zombie film. One of my favorites.

For some reason there are some really good European zombie films on Netflix.

Also check out the French The Horde. Crooked cops looking for revenge on the gangsters who killed their buddy invade their apartment block and it goes really badly. then the zombies show up and the crooks and cops have to work together to survive. Much more in the brutal action mode than the more contemplative Mutants, but good in its different way.

And the German Rammbock, in which a guy shows up at his ex-girlfriend's apt to return her keys and maybe make a play to win her back. She's not there, but there is a plumber there along with his teenage apprentice. But the plumber isn't looking so good and things very rapidly go way south from there.
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Response by poster: I think Mutants is it. Thank you all, and Naberius for the other recommendations as well.

French-language, just like I said.
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