Recommend some iOS games for me
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Lately I've found it difficult to find anything new to play on my iPhone (have an iPhone 5 and an iPad, but typically use my iPhone for this sort of thing). I've been playing the same old games for a while now and need some new ones.

What I like:

Action (FPS, arcade-ey games)
Simulators (flight, etc..)
Mindless games that don't take too long to play (my commute isn't super long)

What I don't like:

Games like 3s and 2048
For some reason I don't like top down action games like grand theft auto (i.e. where you're controlling someone by tapping on them and moving somewhere)
I'm basically the opposite of reductiondesign over in this question

I've loved in the past:

Doodle Jump (prob still my favorite)
Stick Wars
Tiny Wings
F-Sim Shuttle
Flight Control
Various racing games
Modern Combat games (love Modern Combat 4)

Hopefully that's enough for you all to provide some reccos. Anyplace that's your goto for finding new games I'd love to hear about to. The 'top apps' and 'what's hot' just doesn't cut it for me anymore.

Also, happy to look at free or paid games, but super-hate in-app upgrades.
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Three more random games that I played for a while that I thought might be helpful to mention:

Minion Rush
Man of Steel
The Dark Knight Rises
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I've been playing a lot of Zombie Hearts Chicken lately - it's somewhat mindless, it's an endless runner where you have to eat chickens and avoid obstacles.

(full disclosure, it's my brother's game - not sure if that if okay to link to, but mods, feel free to delete if it's not okay!)
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What about the Infinity Blade series?
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I have to say I enjoy Clash of Clans. Doesn't work if you don't have a data connection, but it's something you can check in on for a few second here and there.
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I think these sound like you'd like them - get as far as you can along a track, basically:

Subway Surfers
Jetpack Joyride
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My current obsession is The Line: Very stupid, not even particularly well-made, no story whatsoever- just guide a dot through winding tunnels and don't crash. And yet it's super addictive and satisfying when you do well. It's actually hard to google but here's a video of someone playing it.
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Galaxy on Fire 2 HD if you're in the mood for a space fighter sim with bits of trading and upgrading ships.
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Oh also the go-to place to find out about new games is probably Touch Arcade.
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Air Mail is a really fun flying game with amazing graphics.
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For mindless fun I like Smash Hit.
I use AppZapp and AppAdvice to find new stuff.
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I have fairly similar likes to yours and here are some of the games i have installed that I feel match your criteria. Some of these may be very old/obvious but are still mentioned in case you don't have them:
Call of Duty Strike Team
Crazy Taxi
Sports / Racing
Real Racing 3
Football Heroes
15 coins
And the aforementioned Smash Hit
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone, particularly the places to find new games.
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Hill Climb
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