Why did Wagamama change the katsu sauce recipe?
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It changed (in the UK) just over a year ago. They claim it is back to their original recipe - and call it an improvement on the previous outsourced version. Many of their customers seem to disagree (search Twitter/Facebook for "katsu change") and have stopped visiting as a result. I can only assume this was a commercial decision - it is cheaper for Wagamama to make this new sauce, even taking lost business into account. Does anyone who works (or has worked) at Wagamama in the UK have any idea what actually happened and why?
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Why don't you contact their online customer services or head office?

Ask for the marketing department. Or if its a bigger issure, ask for their media relations department. I'm sure they'll be friendly if you're asking nicely and you're more likely to get specific info directly from them than from here...
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