Anyone have experience with kinesthetic desks for kids?
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I'm considering investing in some kinesthetic desks for classrooms in my middle school. Anyone have any experience using these in a classroom context for middle school-age students?

They are quite pricey, but I also am in a school with a lot of kids who struggle with attention and staying seated during lessons and I'll invest in them if they work to help students stay focused and engaged with learning activities.
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I've never seen these before - they look expensive!

I have seen teachers do the following:
Attach a strip of Velcro tape to the underside of a desk. It has a strange texture to touch.
Give a kid a stress ball to squeeze
Teach a kid that trick where you flip a pen between your fingers in a seamless way
Allow a kid to chew gum or have hard candy
Put a footstool or even a padded wood lock under a desk for kids to move with their feet.
Incorporate movement into lessons - gallery walk, standing chant, learning games that involve moving to other locations in the room
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