Need Some Really Incredible and Creative Apps for ios 6.1
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Looking for some of the most impossibly interesting and creative apps for iPad 1. Top of the line and free.

From productivity - healing, writing, connecting the dots of life, scanning and ID'ing plants, DNA and minerals - to creating - art that is music, music that is created with text and words - and apps that will open new horizons of thoughts and neuropathways of possibility. In short, send me your lists of the the best apps for the eccentric, beautiful and creative mind.
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This is an impossibly general question, especially since most new apps are not written to work on iOS 5. (An iPad 1 does not run iOS 6 or later, mostly due to the very small amount of RAM they could pack into the tablet when it first came out.)

Do you need the apps to be free, specifically? ("Top of the line and free", you said.) If so, monitor a site like Apps Gone Free. If you "buy" (for $0) on iTunes, you can download the last compatible version to your iPad - but if it's a newer app, there just won't be a compatible version.

If you're looking for paid or free apps, maybe look at Apple's curated "Best of" lists on the App Store? The Elements is a gorgeous and wonderful app, for example, and an older version works on our iPad 1 - but where does one begin to make such a list?
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The reason you have not gotten any bites on this question all day is probably because, at this point, most apps in the app store have been updated to a point where they don't run on the older versions of iOS (IIRC, iPad 1 maxed out at iOS 5).
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Way too broad, and, at the same time, too narrow.
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What are you going to do with this list? Are you looking to take old iPads and turn them into something useful? If you could say who these iPads are meant to be used by, it would help.
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:D Sorry for the confusion. Just wanted to delve into some cool apps for my old Ipad. Argh. Will keep on the search unwavering.
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