Free shipping in Australia?
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Circumstances being what they are, online shopping is increasingly attractive to me (as opposed in in-the-flesh purchases). However, I hate to pay for shipping. Could you recommend some companies/brands that offer free shipping to Melbourne, Australia?

I already use Bonds for baby clothing and underwear, and Wrigglepot for some baby gear. I'm interested in other companies that might deliver other baby gear, homewares, pet products or entertainment/electronic items. Or anything really, apart from the sorts of clothes that you want to try on. So somewhere like Target would be awesome for sleeping gear and underwear-y stuff. But clothes for going out, not so much.

I already know about Appliances Online, I have had my groceries delivered (with varying levels of success) and I know about The Book Depository. I know that Kmart and Target deliver for free if you spend a certain amount but generally the minimum is too high. What else is there?

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OzGameShop is a UK store that sells video games, boardgames, dvds/blu-rays, toys and pop culture stuff to Australia with free shipping over $50. (And a very reasonable $1.99 shipping otherwise.) Their prices aren't as good as they were when the dollar was stronger, but you can still find bargains.
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zavvi does 99p shipping.

Marks and Spencer ships free over £30.

This thread on Whirlpool lists a lot more.
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