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Is there any service/script/app that will automagically take the photos from a date range in my Flickr photo stream and set them up to be a printed and bound book? The model for most tools is upload, review, print. I would like it to be capture all from Flickr, review, print. The first is an include model, the second is an exclude model. Since I take on the order of 500 pictures/year, the first model is onerous.
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Best answer: Snapfish will allow you to import a set or a whole photostream from Flickr. You can easily create a new set for any time frame you want in Flickr and add them to a new set using the Organizr. I don't see an easy way to do it with Shutterfly, but another post mentions Viovio.
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Flickr itself is also selling photo books now. I just played around with it and was surprised to find that they only allow you to print one picture per page and only one size of book, 11 x 8.5.
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Best answer: I worked with Snapfish for about a half hour. It only imports from albums. In order to get a year of photos into an album one wither has to make a year's album and put the photos in them as you go or in Organizer, click the most recent photo that you want then use the "Jump To" command to go to the earlier date and shift select to get the range, then drag in. Awkward, but doable.

Using Organizr to remove the photos you don't want is irritating - it's a click and drag. Total waste of time.

Snapfish has a one click to remove, but the import window is tiny and doesn't embiggen when you enlarge the container so you don't get much context.

Snapfish's import time is glacial. 140 photos in my test case took close to 5 minutes, scale that up to a year's photos and it will be 10 or more.

The book layouts are decent and if you remember to hit the check box at the start of the process, it will use the photo title from flickr as a caption in the book, which is exactly what I want.

I don't know what the end result will look like (yet).

Snapfish/Organizr is not ideal, but it will suffice.

Flickr's photo books are one photo per page at a cost of roughly $0.70 per page. That means that a year's worth of photos would cost roughly $210, which is prohibitive.
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