Political Boundry Colored Map Maker?
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I need a program that makes these kinds of maps for the mac. Don't even know what to search for.
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Zee Maps do this, but it may cost. I found it by looking for 'colored map maker' on google.
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SAGA is a very powerfull, free software for scientific mapmaking and geostatistical methods. It can probably do what you want, and won't cost you any money, but it will need some figuring out.
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Another (more manual) option is to find relevant vector (probably SVG or EPS) maps and manually colour them in with Illustrator or Inkscape.
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An easier route is to use Google Earth then find an overlay with political boundaries. These are called "kml files" and are all over the web, usually made my volunteers.

It might take a while to find the right overlay, but it's incredibly simple to use.
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Omnigraffle can do this with stencils. You can download a 14 day trial.
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Most of those maps sow sone sort of data by country. That kind of map is a choropleth. The other one just has African countries by region, which is a degenerate case of a choropleth.

Do you want to display some kind of data by country or state or whatever? Or do you just want to fill in a political map with colors?
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How complex do you want to get? R's ggplot2 is brilliant at showing data on a map. And it's free, of course.
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There used to be a Google Spreadsheet Gadget that would do this. Apparently the Gadget thing has been replaced by Add-Ons, so I'm not sure if this still exists.
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QGIS is mildly fiddly to install on a Mac, but what you really need are the data, like from here, here, or here.
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These are called choropleth maps.
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Choropleth maps! Thank you.

I need an easy program for a mac that can make choropleth maps. I want one that can do first level administrative divisions for every country, like the last three links above. But can also do just simple country level divisions like the first link.
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QGIS is an option but has a learning curve. Google Earth could do it if you are only coloring in a few administrative areas, otherwise it will become overwhelming. Here is a good source for the boundaries data. They come in KML format if you want to go the Google Earth route.
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You might also try Tilemill which is free. It's a companion to the web service Mapbox, but you don't need to use Mapbox if all you need to do is save a static image.

Tilemill takes some data input (like the GDAM link Morgangr just gave), and uses a CSS-like language to style it however you want.
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d3js.org (free) can do this. You'll need to be able to code javascript. It has lots map projections too. Example chrolopleth.
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