Custom rubber stamps?
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Where can I get a custom rubber stamp made cheaply (<$30US), within 2 weeks, from artwork I provide...over the Internet?

My wife wants to make a rubber stamp for a friend from a custom piece of line art. I'm familiar with all of the technical issues (dpi requirements, line art, .eps, etc....) but can't find a site that looks even remotely trustworthy. I've done this sort of thing in the past via Kinko's, but we're now living far removed from any business like that.

If I wanted to do this with a Tshirt, there are sites where I can upload, pick colors and see the whole thing previewed. Is there nothing like this for stamps?
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This place did three stamps for me for approximately $27. The pricing is per square inch.
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Well, if the line art is not too complicated, or if you're ambitious and/or artisitc, you or your wife could try carving the stamp yourselves. Speedball makes a cutting tool, as well as a complete kit to produce a customized rubber stamp. Art supply stores and craft/hobby stores should carry these items. I believe the started carving knife set ran me about $10, and the blanks range from $.69 to $3 or so.
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From the thread that blag links, I found I haven't used it yet but it looks great and I will be using it for my wedding. There really are a ton of options and the site is super easy to use.

Orders placed before 4 PM Pacific Time will enter production the same day. ... Rubber stamps require one business day.

So it looks like you can easily make your deadline.
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This will take you directly to the rubber stamp page at the above-mentioned site. The templates shown there are just suggestions -- you don't have to make stamps that look exactly like that. You can upload your own art in place of the contents of the templates.
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I plan on using these people. They seem personable, experienced, and accept camera-ready, or digital work.
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In the event you ever move the UK, I've had nothing but excellent, speedy service from Rubber Stampz.
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