Trying to find a quote from Gone with the Wind
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I'm trying to find an excerpt/quote from Gone with the Wind (the movie). Someone (I think Rhett but I'm not sure) is criticizing Ashley (to his face? behind his back? can't remember) for being unfair to both Scarlett and Melanie. I thought it was along the lines of Ashley being too weak to either love her properly or give her up properly. Help?

I can't seem to remember enough of the right words to find it, even ctrl-f-ing through the script for likely candidates. I don't *think* I made it up though I've only watched it once.

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SCARLETT: "Why don't you say it you coward, you're afraid to marry me! You'd rather live with that silly little fool who can't open her mouth to say yes and no and raise a passel of mealy mouthed brats just like her!
ASHLEY: "You musn't say unkind things about Melanie."
SCARLETT: "Who are you to tell me I musn't? You led me on... You made me believe that you wanted to marry me..."
ASHLEY: "Now Scarlett, be fair. I never at any time-"
SCARLETT: "You did, its true you did, I'll hate you until I die, I can't even think of a bad enough word to call you!" ***she slaps him, ASHLEY leaves the room, SCARLETT throws a vase over the sofa, where RHETT was found eavesdropping***
RHETT: "Has the war started?"
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Best answer: Also, later:

RHETT: "Of course, the comic figure in all of this is the long-suffering Mr. Wilkes! Mr. Wilkes - who can't be mentally faithful to his wife - and won't be unfaithful to her technically. Why doesn't he make up his mind?"
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Response by poster: That's the one pretentious illiterate! No wonder I couldn't find it, I was way off, fantastic that you got to it. I must have mentally mutated it according to the needs of the moment :)

Thank you!
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I still had to go to the script to find it but I knew pretty much where it was - I'm glad something good came of the countless hours I spent obsessing over Gone With the Wind when I was eleven!
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