Google cannot help me find this tsunami movie...I hope you can!
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It's from within the past 10 years, I think. The wave hits very early on--a couple are in a high rise hotel and the woman sees it coming from the hotel balcony. I remember a scene of her and I think her son underwater at some point. Not "The Impossible"! I hope that rings someone's bell...and thank you!
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Hereafter? (you were possibly thwarted by this being a "psychic" movie and not a "disaster" movie).
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Could it be this: Tsunami: Caught on Camera?
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Was it the episode of CSI: Miami called "Crime Wave" YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
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Tsunami: The Aftermath?
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Yes, Tsunami:The Aftermath. The woman and her son were underwater on a scuba diving charter trip when it hit. Another person (a dad) saw it coming from their beachside hotel balcony and hustled inside.

(Why do I remember these things but forget my husband's cell phone number?)
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Response by poster: Sadly, I don't think it's any of these. Could it be a French film? Ack. I will keep trying to remember more details. Thanks so far...
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There was a recent, very over-the-top South Korean disaster movie called Tidal Wave; you can see the scene where it hits here.
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