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I am looking for recommendations about adult acting classes/courses in London to take later this year. I am interested in longer and more demanding courses (1 year or more), which I could accommodate with my day job. I know there are many options available (e.g. Foundation course at CityLit). I am asking here in order to explore all possible options and hear about your recommendations and experience. Thank you very much for any feedback!

I am in my late 30ties and I love theatre. I have started doing acting classes nearly a year ago and took some evening/weekend courses (e.g. CityAcademy – Acting for beginners, Acting level 2, CityLit – Introduction to Acting, Stanislavski, etc). Now I am looking for a course, which would enable me to do a next step and push my skills further. I am really still a beginner so I need something I am able to apply for but at the same time I want a course which would really push my skills further and made the difference.

I have to be able to accommodate it with a day job so I am thinking mainly about evening/weekend courses. Still – if there is something really exceptional I can consider taking a day off every week or even working half time.

My goal and dream is acting for theatre and to be on the stage one day (doing it as a hobby). I am not interested in acting for camera. I am not a native English speaker and I do have foreign accent.

Thank you very much for all your recommendations and comments!
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I have literally no experience or knowledge about acting classes, but can endorse the City Lit as a generally quality establishment.
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David Monteith @ the Citylit! He'll give you a friendly, 'relatively' comfy start.. then depending on how far you want to take it you could stay all the way through to training up or move onto the poor school (or begin with a summer intensive there). I don't have personal experience of the latter but have heard good things.

Only thing that was weird with Citylit was I had a very strange/unpleasant experience with a student there (whilst doing a different course) and the college were utterly shit about it, so I haven't been back since. Hopefully that was just a fluke.

It's great to tap into that side of yourself.. good luck :)
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Sorry just re-read your question missed you've started your journey - both long courses are highly regarded.
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