Graduation Gift for Special need young man
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We have been invited for a graduation party ( next Saturday)for a 21 year old special need young man who is graduating from a special school.I don't know much about him.But I know he is verbal and independent .This is my first invitation to any graduation party.I don't know what to buy for him.I meet his mom in my son's games.So,I want to give something that will be memorable and they like it too. Another question is what is the appropriate clothes for such parties?haven't been,please help me out with this too. Thanks in advance.
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The best gift at any graduation is a card saying how proud you are of the person graduating, with cash inside. Don't overthink this!
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Money in a card is always nice. Perhaps a gift card, Target or some other store he can visit and select something. No need to drive yourself nuts.

What time is the party? If it's day, a nice sundress, or summery slacks and a shirt. If night, slightly dressier, but if it's a barbecue, then back to more casual.
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In the US, the standard gift is money (I might give $20 for an acquaintance, or $100 to a close family friend). This is to help the young person out as they start a new life.

For the party, I would wear something slightly nicer than jeans (like khakis or a sun dress) but nothing fancy. Many graduation parties are "open house." This means you can drop by for any duration of time you like during the party hours.
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gift card is a good option.thanks.

Party is at 5pm.Will skirts be good?
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If this is a graduation party in the US casual-festive is usually fine. A skirt is fine, anything that isn't overly formal or doesn't look like pajamas or house-painting clothes should be fine. If the weather is nice and it's at a house, there may be part of it that's outside and there will probably be some sort of food/drink, so something that you'd feel okay standing and eating with.
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Skirts are fine.

Think baby shower or something like that.
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Money (cash or a check) is really a completely acceptable - nay, a great - graduation gift. The transition into new responsibilities or a new living situation means that young people often need to buy or upgrade electronics or household items that may not seem like they'd make good gifts. Putting graduation gift money towards one large purchase (like a new computer/tablet) was pretty common among my high school and college friends. Even a gift card may have limited value if you're not sure where he's likely to shop, or what his needs are at this point.
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I don't know if this would seem gauche to the mom or grad (because of his special needs) but when I got my Associate's Degree, my sister sent me two or three gifts, one of which was a copy of Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss.

I really liked it and did not find it insulting or anything. But it was, again, not the only thing I got. And I was in gifted programs, so there was absolutely no hint of insulting my intelligence(because it is a children's book) or anything like that. But I can see where some folks might read that in, in some situations. For me, it was really cute and a fond memory. If you think they will not be insulted, this might be a fun gift, in addition to the card and money.
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Thank you all again for your wonderful suggestions.
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Thanks everyone, we gave a coffee shop card, a hand written letter of thanks with a structural formula for coffee.
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