Best VIDEO resources for greywater recycling?
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My husband and I are building a small cabin to live in and I would like us to eventually be able to recycle our greywater to water our future garden.

The water hookup and septic tank are already on site but we will be plumbing the building itself from scratch. As we install our sink, shower, washing machine, and associated pipes, I'd like us to leave open the option to divert our greywater to somewhere more useful than the septic tank.

I've ordered some books on the topic but my husband is more of a visual learner and generally prefers watching a video to reading about something. Any suggestions for how-to videos?
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Oasis Design is pretty much the go-to resource for anything greywater related.
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This Old House

On preview, there are several dead links, but TOH is always a good resource.
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Brad Lancaster is a great resource for greywater harvesting-- written several books. He is all over youtube and TED with videos. Can't recommend his science highly enough, even though he seems to be a little bit of a jerk in the personality department.
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Not sure if anyone is still looking at my AskMe but my husband just pointed out that our septic tank is 200 yards from our cabin location so we'll need at least some of the graywater to flush our blackwater down the pipe or the pipes will get clogged.
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