These Boots are Made for Showing Off
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I love cowboy boots, and on a recent trip to Portland let my lust overcome me and bought some. I'm normally a conservative dresser (suits, dresses, skirts with jackets) during the week, and a jeans and Tshirt kind of person on weekends. Suggestions on what to wear with the new boots? They are mid-calf. One pair are a gorgeous rich brown with tooled roses and the other is brown and black tooling.
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Are you comfortable getting some cute, casual dresses to go with the boots for weekend wear? Some of my friends have this as a staple of their wardrobe and look really cool and comfortable in it.

Tips here, and you can also find some Pinterest sites that have pinned similar styles...
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I had a pair of cowboy boots for a while. I tended to pair them with skirts and tights. My pair was black, and with black tights and a skirt in a sedate color, they didn't look too Grand Ole Opry for my NYC life.

You can also tuck skinny jeans into them, but I think that look is a smidge dated.
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Also, bootcut jeans. I know I am the lone defender of the bootcut jeans, but they work with, uh, boots.
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I love bootcut jeans too.
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Yeah, it being 2014 I would probably err on the side of bootcut jeans with cowboy boots (untucked, of course) rather than skinnies tucked in. It's not the most on-trend thing ever, but it's a specific look and the authentic choice for wearing cowboy boots.

Keep in mind that by pairing jeans and cowboy boots, you are definitely going to have a cowgirl aesthetic going on. It's not a neutral look.
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Can you post photos of the boots in question? Ropers are going to call for a different style than, say riding boots. Do they round toes, square toes, pointy toes? How tall are the heels?
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What about brown leggings in the boots with a solid-color dress (knee-length or just above the knee) on top? Cowboy boots can awkwardly cut your leg in half but adding the leggings can unify the leg again.
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They are pointy toes. Not super tall heels -- maybe 2 inches. Kinda like these (a shot taken of a row of boots at the store, Portland Outdoor store.) They are at home and I am not so can't provide a picture right now.
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What happens if you take your work dresses and skirts and pull on your boots? Might look cute for the weekend and going out!
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Here are some shots of the boots.
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Great boots. I can see why you caved. Maybe something like this for the brown ones. And maybe something a little more lacy for the roses.

I have gigundo calves and can't wear boots so I'm totally jealous.
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I love the look of a cute dress or skirt with cowgirl boots, with or without tights. You might feel awkward at 1st, but I think you'll get lots of encouraging compliments.
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Yet another vote for cute dresses. Especially flowered ones look awesome with cowboy boots.

I know a woman who has a pretty great pair of cowboy boots, and she's worn them as part of assemblages that would probably look odd on a lot of people, but she pulls it off. So really I think it has to do with confidence and individual style.
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Thanks for the many wonderful answers.

For the outfits without tights . . . what does one wear on one's feet under the boots? Shortish knee socks or light ankle socks? These are comfy boots but I don't want to wear them barefooted.
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I've seen them worn with socks showing so you could try that with whatever outfit. I'd at least wear something more than ankle socks until they get broken in - unless they fit your calves just right and/or are pretty soft leather and/or a really smooth finish inside, I could see how your skin could get abraded pretty easily, especially in warmer weather.
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Yeah, you're definitely going to want socks. Please trust me when I say that you should never, ever put your bare feet into cowboy boots. Unless you want to be wearing them for the rest of your life.

I think crew or trouser length socks would be fine.
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