Are there Risks to Moving a PreCor 5.31 Eliptical to Another Room?
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The PreCor 5.31 is balanced with magnets, and doesn't seem to have any wheels. It's behind my desk right now, and we redid a room on the same floor I want to move it to. I'm worried that, since it doesn't seem to be built to move around, there might be an issue with taking it across the house. Anyone know of risks? Do I need to contact my dealer?
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This is far from definitive, but we have a very similar Precor (maybe the same model, I don't remember the exact model number on ours). We've moved it several times around the house with no problems whatsoever. When we have moved it to different houses, we've partially disassembled it before doing so, but when we moved it within the house, we just moved it as-is. The only issue is that it's heavy and awkward (and, as you say, has no wheels).
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The 5.31 manual says (page 12):


CAUTION: If you plan to move the EFX, obtain help and use proper lifting techniques.

To move the EFX, the two of you need to stand on opposite sides and face the rear of the EFX. Follow the appropriate steps for the EFX you own.


1. Have your assistant grasp one shaft cover while you grasp the opposite one.

2. Lift the EFX and roll it on the rear rollers to the desired location.


(see the illustration on that page for details)
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