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Help me find a blog/article on using Outlook as the email organization/productivity system! My google searches are failing.

So I read this blog post/article, where a guy described his MS Outlook setup for organizing his emails as well as using the features for a productivity system. Things I remember reading there:

1. He mentions that none of the standard advice works out for him, since he is on a locked down environment and cannot install any software except those blessed by the IT dept

2. Most of his work is typical large corporate type (not creative/artistic/small scale) through Emails and meetings. So making sure his email system is good is important

3. He goes on to describe various features, such as using a "archive folder", naming folders like 0-Name, 1-Name etc, setting up different rules, creating new categories, filters, using "Search folders" and "Quick Steps" as the secret tools etc.

It is NOT official MS tutorial "Harry gets organized" or on sites like guardian/huffingtonpost/forbes, but an independent guy.
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Is it something like this?
posted by olya at 10:52 AM on June 10, 2014

Not sure if this is it, but this is a series about using Outlook and OneNote for Getting Things Done. He uses Quick Steps quite extensively.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately both these are not the source Iam looking for. Thanks though for looking!
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Response by poster: [Not sure if someone is still interested, but just in case!]

Found the article after exhaustive searching - turns out that I was wrong about the "independent guy" part. Its on Lifehacker! But I could be forgiven since its not on the main site but on the hackerspace sub-blog.

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