Has something happened to the Kevin Pollak Chat Show iTunes feed?
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Does anyone know if there's something wrong with the Kevin Pollak Chat Show video podcast iTunes feed? Starting with the 5/20/14 episode #204, only the episodes titles are downloading automatically from the subscription into my iTunes but not the episodes themselves.

I don't see anything mentioned recently on his twitter or his partner's, Jaime Fox, and the forum link over at kevinpollakschatshow.com just leads me to a 404 error page, so I'm not sure if this is just some weird glitch on my computer or if it is the same for all subscribers. The error message I get in iTunes if I try to click on the little cloud icon to download is: The URL "http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/kevinpollakschatShow-video/~5/_SLftkQFT7k/KevinPollakchatshow-KPCSMattJones204509.mp4" could not be found on the server. If I try downloading directly from the iTunes link nothing happens. If I click 'play' within the store, it does start playing.
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I had to unsubscribe, search, and resubscribe to get 205. I think the upgrade in the Podcast section of iTunes and iOS changed something. If you've upgraded to iTunes 11.2.2, check the settings panel as well as there are a number of new settings.
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They don't seem real technical, based on two things:
1. Every episode's description is actually the podcast's description.
2. The ". . . Buffering . . ." gag. Oy, I am so over it, especially from a guy who wasn't around for Real Player.
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Response by poster: Ok, I'll try unsubscribing & resubscribing when I'm back at my computer. I was avoiding that because I didn't want to have to go back and manually delete all of the download links it will add back, in case they turned out to be undeletable again (forget how long that lasted with a previous upgrade, but it was super annoying)

I did upgrade my iTunes to whatever version popped up in Software Update. The most annoying change was that it put the default 'delete all played episodes' in for all my podcasts. I was able to change my default back to 'do not delete', but for the one new podcast I'd subscribed to since the upgrade it keeps on deleting them with every synch unless I catch it mid-process and manually stop it. (The auto-deleted episodes aren't visible in my trash folder like anything I've manually deleted, so I'm waiting to see if it's a glitch they'll fix in the next update, like maybe the files are actually still in my iTunes library and they've just deleted the visibility.)
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Response by poster: Unsubscribing & resubscribing had no effect, episodes still won't download. Guess I'll just keep waiting to see if iTunes or someone over at KCPS notices there's a drop in their download stats.
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