Looking for Halloween sound effects
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Need spooky Halloween sound effects for party tonight. Help!

Last year I downloaded the MP3s described here but that sound archive was shut down 'cause of Katrina. Alas, my laptop with said MP3s is in the shop. Anyone have a copy or able to point me to alternative spooky sound effects to add to the mood of our party tonight??
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Best answer: I don't know if you've used emusic before but if you haven't, they have a 50 free songs trial and you can d/l all the sound effects from this album, for example. They even have a few freebies.
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I can recommend two musical sources that you could probably find somewhere online. Einst├╝rzende Neubauten's "Strategies Against Architecture" or anything by Throbbing Gristle should provide some unsettling cacophony. Also, Skinny Puppy's earlier works are full of creepy/campy horror film samples.
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Best answer: You could rip off music/sounds from Disney's Haunted Mansion from here.
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donovan, check your e-mail.
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You'll find a good selection here.
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Midnight Syndicate has great Halloween music. Too late to grab a CD, but you can download a few tracks here.
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