How do I remove this Venetian Blind?
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One of my cats has chewed through the cord of these blinds and we need to fix it before we move out in a couple of weeks. The attachment seems to be different from the others in the house which were spring loaded. We have tried pulling, rotating and prying with a screwdriver but nothing seems to move it. Here is a link to one of the brackets holding the blind in place. I've had a look through the other questions but didn't see anything that matched what we have.
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Is there a way of getting a picture of the whole situation that blind is in? I think a little context may help get the right google term.
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Is there room to slide the blind sideways? Can you squeeze the blind so one side will clear the tabs?
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Your brackets look very similar to these. If they are, it looks like a firm push against the wall side and a twist down from the top should do it. I'm assuming that in your picture the top is the ceiling/top of the window frame. If not, reverse directions. The side without the tab should be pushed back against, and the other side should be twisted out.
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Here are a couple more picture that hopefully give a better idea how the blinds are placed.

Picture One
Picture Two

The photo linked by Kalessin seems to match what we can see but the blinds just won't budge.

There is no room to slide them sideways although there is an end cap which can be popped off.

We've found a label with the brand information - they are Rhapsody blinds but their website doesn't seem to have instructions.
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Yeah, I think kalessin has it.
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The exact match for what we can see of your brackets are Rollease Versarail mounting brackets.

Unfortunately I was unable to find an illustrated manual or demo video for how to remove the blinds but the more I look, the more convinced I am that the original tip I gave you is correct. You should be aware that folks who've worked with clips like these before noted that the force required to twist/push the blinds out of the clip was a great deal more than they expected.

So yes, experiment with pushing against and rotating out along the long axis of the blinds. Also, be sure to retract the blinds as far as they will go before doing this. If the blinds' top gets freed suddenly and the blinds are fully extended, you can do damage to the slats, tangle the strings and possibly snap them.
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Yeah, rock the blinds back and forth, they probably 'popped' into place, and you can pop them out of place, then unscrew the bracket and you're done.
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Squeeze and twist away from the bracket ( towards you.)
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Yes, squeeze and twist toward you and upward. It was installed by first slipping the top channel in and then rotating the bottom lip into the clasps. You might be able to use a flat head screwdriver behind the blinds to pry the bracket away from the blind. Pushing up on the blind may give you a little more room to free that bottom ridge.
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Note that there is flex in the bracket on the bottom clasps, but not so much on the top where it is fastened to the window jamb. Pretty sure you really want to pop out the bottom first.
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Finally found instructions for your delectation.

Removal involves a screwdriver and twist (step 5 of the linked PDF), which pops the headrail out of the top of the bracket and you can swing it forward and down out of the bottom of the bracket.
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Thanks so much Kalessin.

We gave up on Monday and called a blind repair guy to come around to take a look yesterday. He couldn't figure them out so we were just going pay the rental company for the damage.

I just sent through the link to the instructions you found and my partner just messaged me and told me that it took him longer to find a screw driver than it did to remove the blinds.
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Glad we could (eventually) be helpful. :)
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