People losing it and going berserk in a SciFi novel
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Current affairs - that is, the apparent epidemic of guys with guns shooting up public places - are reminding me of a SciFi novel I read long ago, but they're not reminding me which one it was. As I recall, it was a dystopia where population pressure caused people to suddenly snap and lash out physically at whoever was nearby. IIRC, they were described as berserkers. What is that book?
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Stand on Zanzibar- great book!
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They were called "muckers", for "amok", IIRC.
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Robert Sheckley's "Immortality, Inc" starts off this way.
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Yeah, I think you're thinking of Stand on Zanzibar. But another great dystopian sci-fi novel about a whole population going berserk, if you're inclined to read another, is Nightfall by Asimov and Silverberg (it was a collaboration).
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Oh, boy. It could be any of those, because I've read them all.
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The Screwfly Solution is somewhat related.
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You might also be remembering elements of Heinlein's "The Year of the Jackpot."
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It's most definitely not a novel, but The X-Files episode "Blood" had similar elements, if you are looking for other examples of the trope.
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Immortality, Inc specifically uses the word "Berserkers" to describe the people who flip out in public and start killing people.
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Seconding The Screwfly Solution, at least in terms of mass violence against women. I read this particular piece a week or so before the shooting and the coincidence sent a chill up my spine.
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Losing The War by Lee Sandlin is an essay about WWII. It's not SF but goes into detail about the whole 'berserker' thing.
(Mentioned here also because it's one of the best introductions to the war I've ever read.)
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