Photo EXIF and system metadata
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I changed phones a few weeks ago, and the transfer utility that copied data from phone to phone screwed up the /system/ timestamp of my photos. Unfortunately, this changed the sort order, so I can't find anything. How can I fix the data?

Using an Exif data tool, I was able to determine that the image metadata dates are still there.

What I want to do is apply the photo Exif data to the file's system data. I've poked at the documentation for Exiftool, and it can write the Exif data out, but it can't affect the file's system date. I'm pretty sure I could do this with piping to touch, but... that gets into heavy voodoo and scares me.

Anybody willing to help me figure this out? I'm using OSX Mavericks, phone is Android, I'll be copying the files back to the phone via USB after. I do have access to a Windows box if necessary.
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I think A Better Finder Rename does what you want.
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jhead's -ft option sets the file's system time stamp to what is stored in the Exif header. It's cross-platform.
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Yes, use jhead, jhead is magic.
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Best answer: Try
exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate" *

At least on Windows it changes the NTFS modification timestamp to when the picture was taken, if that's what you want to achieve; don't know about OS X's filesystem, though.
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Response by poster: Bangaioh, you did it! Thank you! :D
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