Best magazines for diabetics with a low-carb philosophy
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Looking for diabetes management magazine with a low-carb or controlled-carb diet. My family member was relatively recently diagnosed and is not getting great diet education.

(She had potato chips at every meal during a recent visit, and when I asked she said her dietician said it was fine. I am skeptical and worried for her health. She lives in a very rural area and I doubt she is getting the most up-to-date information.) I discussed with her what I know about diabetes and she seems interested in trying another approach.

I would like something monthly and easy to read. Would also appreciate recommendations for good books, either cookbooks with simple recipes or general wellness books.

Saw this question but I'm looking for print.

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If you don't mind a book that's about low carbing rather than diabetes, Jonny Bowden's book Living Low Carb is an overview, followed by discussion and review of many popular eating plans.

The South Beach books have a lot of simple recipes.
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Not simply "low carb", but my father-in-law reversed his diabetes with The Rice Diet.
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The granddaddy of all low-carb books is Life Without Bread, based on the original German version by Dr. Wolfgang Lutz published in the 1960's. It is a very thorough introduction to low-carb with refutations of a lot of the objections and application to all sorts of health issues, not just diabetes, and without the usual emphasis on short-term weight loss. And it explains why you shouldn't have potato chips with every meal in very simple terms.
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you aren't clear, but based on the previous question, I'm assuming it's type 2 your family member has ?

Because for type 1, there isn't really a restriction on carbs, you just take insulin based on how many carbs you eat.

Type 2s, generally, are supposed to keep it to 30-45 grams carbs per meal, depending on how well they are managing and what medications they are taking.
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Because for type 1, there isn't really a restriction on carbs, you just take insulin based on how many carbs you eat.

This is based on the fact that insulin is often ineffective for type 2 because of insulin resistance. Before insulin was available the low-carb diet was pretty much a type 1 diabetic's only hope for survival, and just because insulin exists now doesn't mean diet doesn't still work. The difference in treatment recommendations isn't because diet doesn't work for type 1, it's that insulin might not work for type 2. The diet works for both.
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