Maybe the longest shot ever: Looking for an old book about bigfoot.
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When I was a kid I had a book about bigfoot that I read and re-read. I can't remember what it is called or anything like that but I am clinging to the faintest hope that the AskMe hive mind can help me find it.

I am pretty sure it was purchased at a roadside restaurant near Bridal Falls, BC, next to what was then Flintstone Land. It was not published by any name publisher; I imagine it had a very small print run. (It may have even been mimeographed or something.)

It had a red, maybe maroon cover that was thick paper, not even quite card stock. It *may* have had a picture very similar to the famous still from the Patterson film, but I might be wrong on that.

It was a collection of stories about sasquatch sightings. It may have only covered BC; the only story I remember well was the story of Jacko, the bigfoot reportedly captured in Yale, BC in 1884.

I know this is a huge long shot. I'm certain the book is no longer in print. But I'll take anything.
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This? Features the Jacko story. Looks like it had many different covers.
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No, that's not it unfortunately--I am fairly strongly certain that the title referred to Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

I didn't mention, but I would have got this book in the late 1980s.
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Maybe this? (I loved cryptozoological books as a kid)
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It's almost certainly Year of the Sasquatch by John Green. I read every book about Bigfoot in the library back then.
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I think I found it!

The Sasquatch File

I searched Worldcat for books with Sasquatch in the title, thinking that might be a good bet since you used that specific word, and then looked for books published in British Columbia. Worldcat didn't have a picture, but Amazon did and it seems really close to your description. Did I get it right?
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Oh oh it MIGHT be Year of the Sasquatch or The Sasquatch File. The former title does not sound familiar, nor does that red cover, but I found some interior pictures that are ringing a bit of a bell. The Sasquatch File, though, might be it, too--it looks right but for missing the red cover, and the Worldcat information seems to reinforce that.
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In case you hadn't noticed, both books were published by Cheam publishing and both were written by John Green.
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I did notice (and now have a strong desire to find out more about Cheam Publishing in Agassiz). Thanks!
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Found it! It IS John Green but the one I had was On the Track of the Sasquatch. Here's the cover I remember, albeit in a different colour! It looks like there are multiple volumes--I must have had one of them.
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And by freak chance, the local university library has a copy of the (red) third edition in storage. Fantastic! Thank you!
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Yeah, John Green wrote at least two books about the Sasquatch. I always got the sense that Agassiz Publishing was basically self-publishing. However, my local public library still has copies of John Green's books, most likely because he's a BC author.
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