Ajwa dates... Do any stores in Los Angeles carry them?
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Am wary of buying these online, as I am looking for fresh, malleable, amber deliciousness. Anyone know any retailers in the LA/Orange County area? I have tried some Middle Eastern markets so far, but to no avail, if that helps. Thank you!
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The folks at Chowhound might know.
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At the Santa Monica Farmers' Market? If you go here:


and search for 'dates,' and click on Bautista Organic Date Farm, in the description you'll find this sentence:

"We provide our farmer's market customers with seven different varieties of fresh organic dates."

You can call Bautista to ask if Ajwa are among these seven at 760.396.2337, according to the description.
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Oh, too bad: the Bautista webstie -- http://7hotdates.com/hotmess.html -- lists the varieties and Ajwa isn't among them.
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Try giving Wholesome Choice a call? They have locations in Irvine and Anaheim in Orange County, and I think they sell fresh dates.
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