How to long until robin fledglings will leave?
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I love wild birds and am lucky enough to have several types of wild bird nesting in my backyard this season. First to leave the nest was a fledgling robin, some research has informed me that unlike many other fledglings which seem to get up and out of the back yard quickly robins stay fledgling for a while, running around the ground hiding and being fed and trained in the ways of being a robin by their parents but I can't find any info for how long it will be at this stage.

This wouldn't be a problem but this year my dog has realised the bird is around and has made it his lifes goal to eat the bird. After a close call that had me pulling the luckily uninjured bird out of his mouth and another where my frantic scream stopped the dog mid chase I am having to take him out the backyard on a lead. I don't mind doing this as I love having the birds around but would like some idea of how long it takes for robins to get from this to where they can keep out the way of dogs on their own. He seems perfectly healthy with 2 devoted parents and can flutter up over our 6 foot privacy fences during the day, but every morning he's back again nesting under a different bush and every morning I have a heart attack as my dog lunges at the end of his lead for it.

Also I have mourning doves building a nest and some sparrows about to fledge any info on how long I have to watch out for those fledglings too would be appreciated.
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And of course there is a typo in the title and I don't know how to edit it.
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What kind of robins are these: European robins Erithacus rubecula, or American robins Turdus migratorius?
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American Robins.
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I've had American robins in my yard (and in my shed, where he/she crapped on everything, including me) for several years. My experience is about three weeks or so before they (ahem) flew the coop.
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My son's daycare had a robin's nest in the outdoor play area this spring, which was the top news story for weeks. The fledglings stayed nearby for a couple days max, though a few dozen excited 4 year olds might have moved them on faster, as I imagine the dog would.
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Robins will usually hang around for 2-3 weeks after fledging (leaving the nest). And by hang around, I mean 'be in a somewhat vulnerable position if puppy dog can get ahold of them'. After that, they are essentially able to care for themselves / get away quickly from predators.

The Doves typically sit on their eggs for a couple weeks, then it's another two weeks until the babies fledge. Doves get big really quickly, but when they leave the nest they are still kinda dumb lil' babies, plus they are ground feeders, so I'd be extra careful with pup in that area.

The Sparrows should be a bit less of a concern...they usually fledge within 10-14 days of hatching, and are pretty self-sufficient. Of course you don't want pup under the nest when they emerge, but of the three birds you asked about, the sparrows would be the most likely to get away.
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