What is wrong with my trees?
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I live in east Tennessee and I have a couple of trees in my yard that get what I think is a fungus of some kind but I can't identify it. I have tried to google the disease but I can't seem to find it. Spiky growths come out of the berries and some leaves will get similar growths later in the season.

One tree is a hawthorne and the other is a small berry tree that I cannot recall the name of.

Here is a link to pictures of the berries.

Can anyone identify it and possibly point me to treatment suggestions?
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Cedar hawthorn rust.
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sciencegeek has it. I grew up in East TN and everything that could possibly get rust, got rust (along with a few thing that weren't supposed to get rust.) It's a huge and very well-documented problem in the South. I'd get in touch with the UT Knoxville agricultural extension office nearest you, let them know what the deal is, and ask what they recommend.
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Thank you both there. That helps out a lot, though it doesn't appear to give much hope for getting rid of it. Sadly, it appears that the other tree I didn't remember is a serviceberry. Also, there is a whole line of evergreens behind the house, and they are part of the other end of the life cycle on that rust.
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