Refrigerator filter cover won't budge
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I am trying to change the fresh air filter in my Samsung LG refrigerator. Unfortunately, the filter cover won't twist off - it's jammed in good and tight and won't budge. Hope me budge it!

I have a Samsung LG French Door refrigerator and it's time to change the filters. I changed the water filter with no problem, but the fresh air filter cover won't budge. It won't twist, it won't jiggle, it won't move an inch even with me using a silicon grippy glove to try to turn it. Any helpful hints as to how to loosen the cover so I can twist it off? This YouTube tutorial makes it look so easy, so maybe I'm doing something wrong.

This is the first time I have to change the filter, since the refrigerator is fairly new. I'm also a small woman with small hands and I wonder if I'm going to have to call in someone with bigger, stronger hands? I'd like to try to get the cover unstuck before I give up. Hope me!
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Which is it, Samsung or LG? They are competitors.
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Response by poster: It's an LG! Sorry for the confusion. (I've been looking at my Samsung washer and dryer all morning and got things mixed up.)
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Best answer: You're apparently not the only one; a male commenter on that video reports the same problem.

I would try tapping it on one of the corners into the direction it's supposed to go, and then moving around and tapping all the other corners. This should loosen any sticky stuff that may have gotten in there and kind of glued it on. If you have a ballpeen hammer, that would be good, or light taps from any hammer, but put a small block of wood between the hammer and the cover to avoid damage. Or wrap a few layers of masking tape around the whole thing before tapping, and then twist with one hand and tap with the other.
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