Name of a movie possibly set in Venice.
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A couple on Honeymoon. They leave their hotel for a night out and get lost in the side streets. Just as they start to get worried a rich guy rescues them and brings them to his large house by boat. It turns out he his a psycho who has been watching them since they arrived in the city. I think he murders the guy but the girl escapes. I think it dates from the 1990's. A river and river taxis feature heavily. Thanks.
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Best answer: The Comfort of Strangers?
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Response by poster: That's it! Thank you starvingartist.
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For the record, my Google search terms were "movie venice couple psycho".
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One of the most disturbing films I've ever seen. Saw it cold, no knowledge of the plot at all, still makes me shiver.
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GREAT movie. Read the book too.
For me it brought back being a little too deep in something a little too weird. Presumably that's mainly a young person's experience. I haven't encountered it in for several decades, but I remember it very well.
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Thanks for the tip, LonnieK. I just ordered it from
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