Plamegate 101
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Anybody know of a link to a good "Plamegate for beginners" article that I could send to someone who really wasn't paying attention until today?
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Start digging here.
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That's not helpful at all. That's just a bunch of links.

Try wikipedia, their Plame affair article is fairly succint and helpful to figure out the basics of this complicated, very political event.
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There's always this:
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ThinkProgress has had great stuff on this all along--i'd send them there.
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Tizzle, here's a great Dummies Guide from the New York Daily News.
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Break down of CIA leak story for non-political junkies

From the msnbc. It's pretty basic though.
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This is a pretty good summary, too.

Title: Confused about the CIA leak case? Start here.
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Defective Yeti had a highly readable sum-up as of back in July.
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Plamegate in 12 Words
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The actual Libby indictment is very clearly written.
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Fafblog has a one-sentence summary here.
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Patrick Fitzgerald's opening statement at his news conference was very clear and understandable. It was limited to the indictments, so it doesn't have anything about Rove.
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The BBC's quick intro is very basic.
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Plamegate explained - Break down of CIA leak story for non-political junkies
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This Economist article is concise but detailed. The money paragraph is
In late 2002 the Bush administration got word from a foreign intelligence service—thought to be Italy’s—that Saddam Hussein had sought uranium in Niger. Mr Cheney’s office took an interest, seeking to consolidate the case for war. It asked the CIA to follow up, and Joseph Wilson, a retired diplomat, was sent to Africa. He found no evidence for the claim, and after the war wrote as much, angrily, in the New York Times. In the ensuing flap, two “senior administration officials” talked to Bob Novak, a columnist. He wrote that Mr Wilson was sent at the request of his wife, Valerie (née Plame), a CIA “operative” on weapons of mass destruction. Ms Plame had been an undercover spy. Though by the time of Mr Novak's column she had been based safely in Virginia for several years, Mr Novak’s column nonetheless blew her cover. The resulting investigation sought to determine whether someone broke the law in outing her.
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A timeline from DailyKos and a summary.
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