Mountain Biking between Santa Barbara & Los Angeles
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I'm having brunch in Santa Barbara this weekend, and then driving back to Los Angeles where I live. After brunch I'd like to drive for a while into the wilderness, park my car, and then ride my rigid frame mountain bike on some scenic single track (or fire roads, sure) for a few hours before heading home. Where should I go?

I'm open to all suggestions, but bonus points for rides that aren't too technical. Climbing and downhill are fine, but moderate amounts are preferred. I'd also prefer to stick to trails where mountain biking is specifically allowed.
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Best answer: Big Sycamore Canyon in Newbury Park fits the bill. You can take the canyon all the way down to the coast -- but the area is riddled w/ trails to explore etc.
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Response by poster: That looks excellent! And the singletrack website looks like a great resource, I'll continue to poke around there.

Other suggestions still appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: I'm just going to tack on here that is the answer to a question I didn't know to ask but should've. It's opening up worlds for me, thank you.
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Response by poster: Wound up on the Backbone Trail starting from Kanan Dune Road, and it was exactly what I needed for today. Thanks again mrmarley!
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