Online support group for adult cutters
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Looking for online, mostly adult support groups for people who cut themselves.

I'm asking this at the request of a friend who frequently cuts herself. She's in therapy, on medication, and has a local group associated with her therapy, but not a group specific to cutting and/or self-harm. She lives in a fairly rural area, so there's almost certainly no self-harm-specific support group in her town. She'd like to find a relevant online support group, but cutting seems to be much more common among young people (she's around 40) and she hasn't been able to find a more adult-oriented group. I don't think she's opposed to groups that might include some teens, but she'd likely relate better to people her own age.

Does anyone know of any online support groups that might be appropriate for her? She's looking for a cutting support group specifically, but more general self-harm support groups would probably be helpful as well.

Thanks for any advice you can provide!
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I found Bodies Under Siege's IRC channel helpful...uh, 15+ years ago, and am glad to see that they are still around and active.
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Word of advice for her - she can use ice or elastic bands etc for pressure/to 'ping her wrists.. some people who DSH find this gives a bit of relief.
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Another BUSlist/BUSchat old-timer here (sounds like avocet and I may have overlapped, possibly); Back In My Day the BUS bulletin board/forums didn't exist, but now they do and they have a section specifically for the relatively-older set, which your friend might find congenial.
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I would also recommend DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) which has a strong focus on helping with emotional management, especially in situations where you can't change anything but yourself. If you search for "online DBT group" there are many many results.
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