Old Kenmore washer/dryer - help find manual or specs?
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My Kenmore washer/dryer combo is model no 110 99575100. It's so old that I can't find the specs, or a manual, either from Sears or Google. Can the hive mind help?

It's a washer/dryer laundry center combo. The washer has recently broken ($700+ to fix) and was old when I moved in in 2002...so time to replace it. The specs need to be similar -- same type of electrical power, gas vs. electric dryer, etc. I'm not really sure what to look for to identify the key specs, but need to make sure I'm get something similar when picking out a replacement.

Anyone know how to find the original manual? Or help find the key specs? Or, tell me what I should look for on the machine itself to tell whether it's electrical or gas dryer, or other things I should figure out before buying a replacement?

I think what I have is similar to the Kenmore 24" Laundry Center w/ Electric Dryer on the Sears website, but there are at least 3 different models with varying specs which all have that same name. (This link might work to show 3 diff models in side-by-side comparison.)

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I couldn't find a manual, but here's the parts page for that unit. It looks like it has a gas dryer (the parts for the dryer bulkhead include a gas burner, there's a burner assembly diagram, etc.). Gas washer/dryers just use a normal 110V outlet for power, not a 220V one, which electric dryers use.
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Looks like you can purchase the manual here.
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Thanks! I think that's what I needed...off to find a replacement model!
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