Short, post-Xmas non-US break <$1k?
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Post-Xmas, pre-Jan13th, non-US 10-12 day vacation, *entire trip* <<$1k?

Solo traveller: I'm interested in going somewhere outside the US (leaving from NYC) for ca.10-12 days, between Dec 25-Jan13. It must be either culturally interesting or naturally spectacular (I went to peru last year for 3 weeks, w/cities/mountains - a trip like that, but it cost more than I'm willing to pay now). I don't mind roughing it a little (no shmancy hotels for me) - hostels and scuzzy hotels are fine. The entire trip has to cost less than $1k. Ideally less. I mean this: from the moment I leave to the moment I get back.

There are lots of $700+ airfares at this time of year to south america, but I doubt I can live on $20/day if I want to *travel* within the country and only have 10 days.

This question could double as: know of any places that are really cheap to get to from NYC at that time of year and are really cheap to travel/stay in. I have 30k American airmiles, and an international teacher identity card. Not worth much......

Thanks again....
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You can fly United to Guadalajara for $562 (including tax), leave Dec. 26 10 a.m. on United Flight 975, change planes twice, arrive on Aeromexico 252 in Guadalajara later that day. Return Thursday, Jan. 5. Check out You should be able to eat, sleep and travel for 10 days for your remaining $440.

Travelocity offers some good deals for the same dates (Dec. 26 to Jan. 5), including NYC to Montreal: Flight only for $329 plus tax; flight and fancy hotel for $1,089.

You could fly Virgin Atlantic to London on the same dates for $465.10. You'd only have $60 per day for lodging, food and entertainment. It would by tight, but if you don't mind very cheap hostels and getting your food at the grocery store it can be done. London is an incredible experience, and will keep you occupied for days even if you don't pay to see expensive tourist draws.

It seems like you have lots of options.
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I spent two weeks in the Czech Republic a few years ago for a similar budget. Booked my tickets online (don't remember which site) and stayed at a pension for $30/night (breakfast included), although cheaper options were plentiful. Alot of people that I met complained that the prices were exhorbitant in Prague compared to what they had been, but I still found seventy-five cent beers to be quite economical ;-).
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Costa Rica? Flights from NYC for around $430. You'd get by pretty well on $50 or less per day.
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Second Luriete's suggestion of the Yucatan/Belize. Ordinarily, tickets to Cancun or Cozumel over the holiday would be impossible to get, but after Wilma, this might be the perfect time.

Suggest Merida as a Yucatan base for sites like Chichen Itza and Uxmal, then you could do the Riviera Maya, with a lot of lodging options. Many of the Playa del Carmen resorts are all-inclusive, which, if you could get a good rate now, would be great for keeping costs down. Combining the Mayan sites with the beautiful swimming, snorkeling, sunning along the coast was one of my most enjoyable vacations.

Compared to Mexico, Belize is less (touristically) developed, perhaps more spectacular, and an English-speaking country. I imagine costs would be more manageable too.

Wherever you go, I'd find a good travel agent, and let them earn their commissions.
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