Good Movies About Couples in Love
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Looking for some good, non-sappy movies about married (hetero) couples in committed, loving and devoted relationships - with emphasis on devotion. Not necessarily romance, but authentic, real love between 2 people - even if and when TSHTF. They stick through it all because they have each other's back.

No divorces, killing, deaths, gratuitous sexual innuendos or anything cutesy. Something adult and appealing to the heart.

Never did see this in real life and never experienced it, would like to, so as a precursor - please share your movies that meet this criteria with me. Thank you :)
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On Golden Pond. Either the Henry Fonda/Katherine Hepburn one or the made-for-live-TV Christopher Plummer/Julie Andrews one.
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Best answer: The Thin Man movies--Myrna Loy and William Powell are the classiest. Yes, these are screwball comedies, but they show teamwork and loyalty and how to function as a couple.
Julie & Julia--I just fast forward through the Julie scenes, to get to the good stuff, Julia and Paul Child.
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Best answer: My absolutely favorite favorite relationship in any film ever is between Marge and Norm Gunderson in Fargo.

It's not central to the plot, but it's there and it's palpably present throughout the movie.

-Margie is a cop, it's a dangerous job. Does Norm ever do any macho posturing about trying to protect her? No.

-Margie is pregnant. Does Norm infantilize her or act like she can't do the normal-person things she does? No.

-Norm's little plot throughout the movie is that he's trying to enter a painting into a contest to get it put on a postage stamp. Margie is nothing but supportive and wonderful to him throughout, even when he only gets put on a 2 cent stamp, she still acts like it's the world's greatest accomplishment.

-Marge has to get up early to go to work. Norm gets up and makes her breakfast. He also brings her lunch later in the day. He's taking care of her but not posturing about it. Marge takes a few minutes out of her day to grab bait for Norm because he's going fishing later. They do little thoughtful mundane things for each other just because.

-Later in the movie Marge gets hit on by a creepy old high school friend, and it's just so completely a non-issue. There's no stupid romantic whatever angle to it, there's no husband anger/fight, it's just weird and sad.

There are more examples. I just love their relationship, because it's juxtaposed against the main action of the movie where Bill Macy just keeps maddeningly fucking up his own little family, and you have all of these other terrible interpersonal relationships. But Marge and Norm are solid and happy without any flash or drama or romcom sexism bullshit, and it's just there and present and in the background, and it's really, really nice.
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Father of the Bride comes to mind.
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Best answer: One of my faves is the relationship of the parents in Easy A. A minor part of the film, but they're so funny and such a team and such sweet and supportive parents.
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Best answer: Away We Go may be too cutesy for you, but Burt (John Krazinski) and Verona (Maya Rudolph) make my heart burst with happiness and love. They aren't married but are very committed to each other.
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Best answer: Not a movie, but if you want 5 seasons of this, watch Friday Night Lights.
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Iris, the biopic based on the life of novelist and philosopher Iris Murdoch.
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Best answer: One of the best movies ever: Another Year. Mike Leigh directs Lesley Manville and Jim Broadbent in a story about love, companionship, and loyalty. It's funny too.
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I've said this before, but my favorite couple dynamic is Burt and Virginia from Raising Hope. They are loving, supportive, thoughtful and hilarious, but not over the top.
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Best answer: A ghost story, so clearly more of a fantasy, but I absolutely love the relationship between Alan Rickman and Juliet Stevenson in Truly, Madly, Deeply. Funny and sad and sweet and romantic and practical.
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Only Lovers Left Alive is about two vampires who adore each other and have since the guy vamp was chillin with Byron.
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Best answer: The stuff of drama is not made of simple and happy marriages. It's not dramatized as much as it could be.

Not the focus, but I found Burt and Heather Gummer in Tremors as a marriage of equals. With a lot of ammo. Come to think of it in quirky fantasy films: Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice have equal billing.

I quite like The Upside of Anger which is about the *development* of a relationship that you describe. It's the best example I've seen of a set of people who come from damage and depression and move through their stuff to something better.
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Also not a movie, but I think NBC's Parenthood has several great examples of what you are looking for.
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A Beautiful Mind.
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No divorces, killing, deaths, gratuitous sexual innuendos or

Well that rules out Fargo. Yes I know some gush about Marge and Norm's relationship but the whole project leaves a terrible taste in my mouth due to the filmmakers' horrible insensitivity to the plight of Bill Macy's kid, and especially his wife. Not recommended unless your idea of a good time at the movies is a slasher flic.
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The Kids are Alright
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Not a movie but I love the show Bones for this. The relationship between Booth and Bones just seems really ideal.
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In Good Company.
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Donnie Darko - I have always liked the dynamic between Donnie's parents
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Best answer: Nicole Holofcenor specialises in compassionate, funny movies about adults in serious relationships. I love all her movies.
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Not a movie either, but I love John Watson and Mary in the new "Sherlock."
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In my mind. Blue valentine was by far one of the most heartwrenching romances/ struggles I have seen on a movie screen
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Best answer: Seconding Julie & Julia.
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Best answer: The Best Years of Our Lives is a terrific 1946 movie about 3 WWII veterans returning to civilian life, and you get several great relationships. Frederic March & Myrna Loy are the Stephensons, a long-married couple still in love with each other in a great, grown-up way. Dana Andrews as Fred Derry is returning to a wife he barely knew before he was deployed, and things get rocky. Harold Russell as Homer has his high school sweetheart waiting for him, but he's not sure about going through with the wedding anymore due to his war injuries (lost both his arms). Russell won 2 Oscars for that part, well-deserved.
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Another tv show -- White Collar. Peter and Elizabeth Burke have one of the best marriages I've ever seen. They love each other, they trust each other, they talk to each other about what's going on in their lives, they cuddle and smooch and respect the hell out of each other.
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Return To Me has a death at the beginning, but, it still might work for the rest of your criteria. Aside from the main love story that is the premise of the movie (David Duchovny's character's wife gets killed in a car wreck and is an organ donor, Minnie Driver's character gets her heart, Duchovny & Driver meet randomly a year later & fall in love), there are some fun scenes between Bonnie Hunt & James Belushi as a long-married couple. It's kinda sappy, but there's a lot of ensemble comedy that keeps it from going into full-on Lifetime/Hallmark Channel mode.
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I saw a few votes for the television show Parenthood; did I miss anyone recommending the movie Parenthood?
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Without the shadow of a doubt - the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight trilogy

Don't be put off by the tons of dialog in Before Sunrise - stick to it and these will stick to you forever. In good times and bad.

I'm not sure how to say it - but these absolutely must be seen. Unlike anything on film. I'll gladly pay for your iTunes/Netflix/DVDs if you end up not liking them!
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