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I accidentally cooked pearl barley instead of brown rice in the rice cooker. What can I do with three cups of cooked barley?
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Add it to soups at the end of the cooking time. Turn it into a tabbouleh-like salad with chopped-up tomato and parsley (or mint). Add a tin of chickpeas, maybe two, some toasted pinenuts, a glug of olive oil, juice of a lemon and maybe the zest too, some fresh thyme and some nice soft goat cheese (will be enough for several meals).

Or just do whatever you were going to do with the brown rice, just have barley instead.
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I adore barley. There's something about it that I find even more soothing and flavor-adaptible than rice. My favorite thing is a salad with cooked barley, corn off the cob, sliced radishes, avocado, tomato, chopped cilantro and a good lemony/limey vinaigrette. I ring changes on this all summer long. IT'S. SO. GOOD.
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Here are the recipes from Alton Brown's "Just Barley" episode of Good Eats (it'll cost you USD$2 to see it). I'm not sure if you can make Barley Water, but since your barley was steamed, in essence, not steeped, well, maybe it's still on the table. Barley Bread calls for barley flour, but the other dishes you can still make. The barley salad looks perfect, and delicious; the barley and lamb stew looks slap-your-grandma good!
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Frankly, I think almost any grain aside from rice tastes good in the morning with maple syrup on it. For some reason I can't wrap my mind around maple-y rice porridge but I'd hit that barley, baby.
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I typically mix my brown rice 50/50 with barley anyway, so ditto to "...just do whatever you were going to do with the brown rice..." Rice & beans, mix with tabbouleh salad, rice porridge, etc.
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Beef, mushroom and barley soup is one of my favorite things in the world.
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Make a salad - stir some pesto through it, add rocket (arugula), marinated artichokes, feta, maybe a bit of chorizo. Yum.
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We had a very delicious brussels sprout barley dish with gorgonzola and pecans last night.
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Barley is bomb and I'd use it in any dish instead of brown rice in a heartbeat.
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